It’s never easy to balance family and work especially during a quarantine. We talked to three pro-slime moms about how they manage to do it all. Look out for two other mamas Saturday and Sunday in honor of Mother's Day.
Meet Carla Shen.
Carla Shen is a Brooklyn-based mom with a love of contemporary art, waffles and her pet turtle. The art philanthropist opened up about quarantining, virtual learning and her daughter’s love of slime.
How old is your child?
My child, Lane, is 11 years old.
How are they holding up at home during all of this?
They're hanging in there, but they really misses seeing their friends and grandparents.
How have you two bonded more recently? 
We've been spending A LOT time together. We play tag in our yard, draw together, and watch cooking shows.
What do you two do together to inspire creativity?
We love to make up games. Sometimes we will tell each other a ridiculous story and have the other person draw how they interpret it. Lane recently made up an alias game, where we assign each other funny aliases, and we have to see how long we can keep in character.  
When did Lane get into slime?
Lane has been playing with slime for years, but they really started becoming obsessed with it two years ago.
How much do they play with it?
They have a large drawer full of their slimes (most are from Sloomoo!), and they play with different slimes every day, multiple times a day. Now that school has moved to remote learning, Lane spends a lot of time in front of a screen. They are almost always playing with slime while facetiming with friends, or listening to lectures or watching videos for school.
What are their favorite textures?
Lane's favorite textures are cloud slime and thick and glossy (but they like them all!)
What do you appreciate about their slime habit? 
Lane finds it very calming to play with slime. During these uncertain and stressful times, having a way to relieve tension is so important. Some people deal with stress by exercising, getting fresh air, meditating... but Lane deals with it by playing with slime. I'm very appreciative that they have this way to manage stress.
Admit it. You love slime too. What is your favorite? 
I love cloud slime too. I love the light fluffy texture and I love a good drizzle!
What other #satisfying things do the two of you do together?
We've been trying to find new foods to feed Rocky, Lane's tortoise. We just discovered he loves broccoli and dandelions! Also, Lane loves painting their nails, and they are planning to give me a mani/pedi this weekend.
What is your pick from the Sloomoo site as a gift? 
I love the Sloomoo Surprise Subscription Boxes - what a fabulous idea for a gift (for a child or adult!)
How are you spending Mother's Day?
The weather is supposed to be nice, so we're hoping to take a long walk and have a picnic in our yard. Lane and my husband will hopefully make me waffles with strawberries for brunch (my favorite meal of the day) - oh, and maybe a mimosa too!