Sloomoo Institute celebrates joy through sensory play. The mission: embrace the power of #satisfying through vivid color, the sense of scent, tactile compounds, and captivating visuals and sounds. 

Sloomoo Institute launched in October of 2019 with an interactive 12,000 square-foot experiential space in SoHo, NYC, where hand-crafted, artisanal slime (think dozens of textures and the most delicious scents), soothing ASMR, and wondrous delights converge with glossy, sophisticated design and contemporary art. 

Sloomoo’s universe expanded to Chicago & Atlanta in the winter of 2022 and plans to continue to unleash a sense of freedom and escape in inclusive spaces, whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, around the world.

Look out for more spaces in the future!


The word Sloomoo came from a funny, viral trend noticed in the slime community in 2017. Slimers captioned their posts with this saying, “replace the vowels of your name with ‘oo’ and that’s your new slime name.”

Slime = "SLOOMOO"



Explore. Indulge. Play.

Sloomoo immerses you in a transformative world of touch, sound, scent, and sight. A mix of science and magic, the space is full of compounds from slime to kinetic sand to new innovations that entertain, soothe and surprise, otherworldly CGI videos, kaleidoscopic glow-in-the-dark moments, a 150-foot DIY bar to design your own slime (there are 4,320,000 unique combinations), and more. Every element of the experience was created to awaken your spirit with creative fun. 

It is best to wear comfortable, casual clothes (you may get messy, so this is not an environment for your best threads and shirts with sleeves that easily roll up are key). 

The perfect spot for families, friends, co-workers, even dates


Sloomoo Institute offers a curated design sensibility, created with the architecture shop, Method Design. Every step of the journey through the experience has been thoughtfully considered, from the curves of the walls to the custom-made 75’ sinuous slime bar.

The founders collaborated with museum artists, such as Jillian Mayer, who has exhibited at MoMa P.S.1 and ICA Miami, Paul Outlaw and Jen Catron, who have had shows at the Brooklyn Museum and Mass MoCA, to bring installations to life. The futuristic wallpaper company Flavor Paper is behind the custom wall treatments, made from micro-photography of slime.

Expect shine, sinuous curves, and glittery moments.


Sloomoo, our sweet little mascot, is a representation of our world and mission, a magical being made of slime. Because slime is non-binary - it is not a liquid or a solid - Sloomoo is non-binary too. Sloomoo isn’t one color, size, shape, or  form and has a slew of friends and family, each with a unique personality. Get to know them all.. You will spot Sloomoo - and their friends and family - hidden in images through the site. How many do you spot?