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About Sloomoo Institute


What is Sloomoo Institute?

A sensory playground centered around slime, Sloomoo Institute is an artistic universe made to intrigue, delight, and evoke your inner child. Slime encourages wonder and joy, regardless of age. More than a childhood memory or satisfying social media trend, slime has been known to be a source of stress relief and it lets you unleash your imagination. Sloomoo Institute began as a pop-up for six months; we are now extending our stay here for a while (TBD on exaclty how long!).

Sloomoo Institute is an experience. We've centered every single aspect of our unique museum around providing visitors of every age a veritable playground with endless opportunities to explore. Awaken your deepest emotions with our engaging slime experience that will undoubtably unleash your sense of wonder; play with a variety of slime textures, colors and consistencies that evoke joy, excitement and ASMR. We fully believe that slime offers a fun and positive way to manage and relieve many of the stressors in life, while allowing us (even if briefly) to feel like a kid again.
So wear comfortable shoes, clothes you don’t mind getting messy (tip: wear pants and shirts with sleeves you can easily roll up) and get your ticket to indulge!
To learn more, check out our FAQs page, and be sure to read about the cause behind Sloomoo's creation.
We have updated the experience as a response to this time.
Click here for information about our safety protocols or our experience tickets.

Where Our Name Came From

Sloomoo comes from a funny thing we see slimers do on social media, where they say,“replace the vowels of your name with ‘oo’ and that is your slime name.”
Slime = Sloomoo!






Slime = Sloomoo!


About The Experience

We don’t want to give everything away but here’s a glimpse. Slime involves touch, sound, and scent. We have beautiful and seemingly endless vats full of slime to play with (we provide hand wipes and change the slime through the day to keep everything clean). There is an immersive ASMR tunnel. If you don’t know what ASMR is, Google has called it “the biggest trend on YouTube you’ve never heard of.” It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, a.k.a. the relaxing, soothing feeling you get from visual and audio stimuli (slime is excellent at it). Slime has been known to offer a sense of stress relief and mindfulness; many say it helps ease anxiety. Our tunnel is a mesmerizing visual feast.

We have a glow-in-the-dark cove, an EEG machine to show your brain “on slime,” the kind of crazy things you typically only see in viral videos, and a 150-foot long DIY bar to design your dream slime.

This is just a taste.

Every element of the experience is interactive, pure joy, full of surprises and photo-worthy moments (peep our Instagram).

We have teamed up with Method Design, the brilliant architecture design shop, to bring our vision to life. The sculptural vats of slime throughout - as well as everything - is custom and inspired by our love of contemporary art and design. We collaborated with Flavor Paper to create the wallpaper which is a beautiful ombré made by photographing slime. It feels like you're inside of a cloud slime!

Contemporary artist, Jillian Mayer, who has shown at MoMA PS1, Peres Art Museum, the Bass Museum, The Aldrich Contemporary Museum, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and more, created installations for Sloomoo. Paul Outlaw and Jen Catron, known for their sense of discerning absurdity, have also built a magical moment for Sloomoo Institute. The duo has been shown at the Brooklyn Museum and MaSS MoCA amongst others. 


Download our theme song, Sloomoo.

 “My concept was to have three sections: the slime spaceship is coming, lift off, and party planet,” says composer/musician Pei Pei Chung (a.k.a. @kookyslime), who created our beat. 



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