A liquid solution that causes the glue molecules to bond to each other, thus making the slime compound less sticky. 


It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and it’s the satisfying feeling of hearing certain sounds or seeing visuals that are so satisfying, you may even get chills up your spine. Slime pokes, pops, and general handling offers great ASMR. It’s a massive social media phenomenon.


First discovered in the dry lakes of Tibet in the 8th Century AD, borax is a mineral commonly found in used in laundry detergents and contact lens solution. It is the active ingredient in the recipe to make slime, as it reacts to the compound in a way that makes the glue bind to itself versus anything else. 


Slime expansion as a result of air getting trapped in the slime. The more you play with certain slimes, the more they expand. Slime will deflate over time. We recommend putting the inflation in another air-tight container or a zip-lock bag.


A beautiful, icing-like formation created upon stretching slime, filling it with air to make the “lines” that often look like soft serve ice cream, and then swirling it around itself. 


A mix of many different slimes into one.


An insider term for hands so used to handling slime that slime never seems to stick.