A lifetime of memories

"There’s no place I’d rather be with 15 screaming kindergartners. Everyone was happy, busy, SAFE, and *healthy* afterwards. Sloomoo took the best care of us, made the most epic custom slime cake, and the adults were well looked after too — a lifetime of memories."

~ Mom to a six-year-old

Best birthday ever

"My 11-year-old and her friends had a blast - it was his best birthday ever. Our tour guide took such incredible care of us. When we saw the kitchen, we nearly lost our minds. The boys could not believe the amount of of materials there were and they did not want to leave."

~ Mom to eleven-year-old

The staff is super enthusiastic

"We had our daughter's birthday party here. It was a huge success. The Sloomoo team did everything to make sure the event was just perfect. They brought them a game and tended to the details. I could not have asked for a smoother team. The staff is super enthusiastic and wonderful."

-Mom to ten-year-old


You can schedule a guided tour, where a dedicated “slimetender” walks your group through the experience, sharing insider stories, slime tips and tricks, creative ideas at the make-your-own-slime bar, and even helps you get the best photo moments. The price of a guided tour is in addition to tickets.


You can purchase tickets for the day and time you’d like to celebrate. Upon arrival, please let our “slimetenders” know you’re having a birthday so we can give that someone special our birthday love. If you are looking for something more, check out our guided tours.


Do you have party rooms?

Yes we have private party rooms in New York, Chicago and Atlanta.

Are outside food and beverages allowed?

Catering is only allowed during full buy-out private events.

Are there discounted rates for groups?

Not at this time.

What if my group is larger than the amount of tickets per time slot?
Do you offer birthday gift bags?
Will you sing "Happy Birthday" to my child?

Please let us know when you check-in in that you're here for a birthday. We give out cute birthday pins upon arrival, so our entire team will know you're celebrating a special day and our staff will wish the birthday kiddo a happy birthday throughout. If you really want us to sing, please alert a manager and ask! We will do our best.