At Sloomoo, visitors can smoosh in their hands a wide variety of gooey slime of different textures, colors and viscosity. They also can make their own slime, sling slime across a room and go into booths to hear slime being squashed. Read More

These friends are ‘delivering joy’ with their slime empire: ‘We created a magical world of play' Read More

Sloomoo is a smorgasbord for the senses, a visual, tactile and olfactory world of discovery where slime comes in myriad textures, 60 colors and many fragrances, some supplied by Demeter, the Pennsylvania-based perfume house that created a scent that smells like kitten fur. Read More

Slime was a top search term. Now it's an immersive experience. The Sloomoo Institute opened two new locations for its slime museum in Chicago and Atlanta. Watch to see what it's like inside. Read More

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So much of life is hard, dismally serious. But at least there is slime, to make it a little more fun. Read More

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Karen Robinovitz and Sara Schiller knew they wanted to build a business around “slime,” and for the past year they have been throwing goo around to see what would stick. The two friends joined the growing number of experience-based businesses in New York when they opened the Sloomoo Institute in October. Read More

During my November visit to the Sloomoo Institute — a slime museum that opened in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood last October — I stood by waist-high vats of slime, dipping my fingers into a scented cloud like it was giving me a manicure. Read More