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Sloomoo Cares

Sloomoo Institute is a mission-based company, driven to support mental health and wellness and inclusion. "What we love about slime is that when you play with it, the stresses in life seem to fall away. It transports you. And it never matters what you look like, where you came from, what you have or don't have. Everyone is equal when slime is involved," explains the founders.

From the onset, Sloomoo Institute partnered with three mental health organizations, Love is Louder, NAMI, and Sad Girls Club, donating a percent of ticket sales to each of them equally. What many people may not realize is that Sad Girls Club is a Black-owned organization and they focus on mental health for girls of color. "Having diversity in all aspects of our business is important to us," the founders say.
Sloomoo is committed to equal opportunities regarding employment. Sloomoo has partnered with Black owned businesses from the start, from their security strategist to caterers. More than half of the brand's staff has been made up of people of color as well as people of all genders and sexual orientation.
Pre-COVID, when the experience was open, the founders donated the space weekly to underserved communities, Title I schools and organizations for those with disabilities. Inclusivity, in Sloomoo's world, needs to touch every aspect of human kind. Since inception, Sloomoo has employedadults with disabilities as part of our inclusion mission.
In order to ensure representation was felt through the experience, the founders searched for charms for the DIY bar that reflected girls of color. There were none. So they found a talented, young artist of color and licensed her works of Black and Brown girls, transforming them to charms. "We want all of our guests to find themselves on our charm wall," the founders say.



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