The World's #1 Slime Experience!

Sloomoo Institute immerses you in a transformative world of touch, sound, scent, and sight. A mix of science and magic, the space is full of compounds from handmade slime to Kinetic Sand, ASMR sound journeys, immersive and otherworldly CGI videos, kaleidoscopic glow-in-the-dark dancing, a DIY bar to design your own slime (over 4,320,000 unique combos!), and more. Every element of the experience is created to awaken your spirit with joy!

The perfect spot for families, friends, co-workers, even dates

Step Into Slimey Fun!

Play with tons of fresh textures of handmade slime. Get drenched in slime at Sloomoo Falls. Slingshot slime at your friends. You can even smear Sloomoo slime against the wall! There is Kinetic Sand, soothing sound baths, a 500-gallon “lake” of slime, sent experiences, and more! Sloomoo Institute is a colorful world where creativity, joy and imagination unite. Make everlasting memories in our #satisfying universe, whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart.

A fun, colorful slime HEAVEN!

"You could spend hours just playing with the slime–it's so satisfying. I'd highly recommend Sloomoo for your next unique adventure."

~ 37-year-old dad

I am never leaving

"I have been waiting my whole life for this moment. I am never leaving."

~ 9 year-old guest

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…SLIME.

Oh my goodness, if slime is your thing Sloomoo is THE place. Truly wonderful and extraordinarily happy & fun experience for all ages.

- Mom of Two Boys