It’s never easy to balance family and work especially during a quarantine. We talked to three pro-slime moms about how they manage to do it all.

Meet Nicole Young.

Nicole Young is a NYC-based mama, TV host and founder of You may recognize from morning show stints across the country, but what you don’t know is that she secretly loves slime. We sat down with the lifestyle expert to hear her take on motherhood in the time of corona and how she bonds with her 2 1/2 year old son, Cole.

How old is your son? 

My son Cole is 2.5

How is he holding up at home during all of this?

Thankfully my son is too young to really realize what's going on. He's actually enjoying having both his parents home ALL the time and running us around in circles :)

How have you two bonded more recently?

Cole has been joining in for my morning workouts and we both look forward to jumping around in front of the TV together now first thing to start the day.

What do you two do together to inspire creativity? 

Cole and I do lots of creative things together. We draw and color and sing a lot of songs that are actually his original "lyrics", if you can call them that. HA!

When did Cole get into slime?

Cole got into slime the first time he stepped inside Sloomoo.  He thought it was BEYOND cool!  

What do you appreciate about his slime love? 

I really appreciate that playing with slime is something we can do together and that it makes him laugh when he sees it dripping down the side of his own hands.

Admit it. You love slime too. What is your favorite? 

My favorite is the snow fizz.  I honestly like all of the ones with what I consider a crunchy texture mixed into the smooth slime.

What other #satisfying things do the two of you do together? 

My son is a very animated little guy who loves to laugh so anything we do that makes him smile is satisfying for me.

What is your pick from the Sloomoo site as a gift? 

My Sloomoo gift pick is definitely the adult jumpsuit.  Love that look!

How are you spending Mother's Day? 

I plan on taking a nice Mother's day stroll with my guys down to Tribeca or the financial district for a change of scenery (we live in Greenwich Village) and then enjoying delicious brunch at home prepared by my hubby, who luckily for me is a chef!