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Sloomoo Institute


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To celebrate and honor the differences and representation of our team, we created a collection we call Sloomoo Togetherness. It signifies that we're all in this (life, world, everything) together and that we love learning from one another to widen our own horizons. Each slime in the collection will reflect the background of one of our "Sloomers" and we'll add to the collection over time.

Valiente means brave in Spanish. We conjure the spirit of the world through this yellow and orange icee slime that represents a piragua, the Puerto Rican shaved ice dessert our head of finance ate as a child, growing up. 

It is a sizzle fest with beautiful stretches. Scented raspberry lime, it is decorated with a little lime charm and glittery magenta confetti. 

Muy bien! 

8 Oz. 




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