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Sloomoo x HI-CHEW® Slime Sample Pack

Sloomoo x HI-CHEW® Slime Sample Pack

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We have the sweetest, juiciest collab with our absolute favorite candy brand - HI-CHEW®!

In our stores, each city has a different slime, scented exactly like a different fruit-bursting flavor (the slime is not edible, no matter how good it smells). 

This multi-pack is a sampler of each city’s slime so you can try them all. 

HI-CHEW® Peach Infrusion, a clear slime that smells like the juiciest peach ever. 

HI-CHEW® Tropical Pineapple, a jelly cube loaded slime that smells just like the name. 

HI-CHEW® Strawberry Ice Cream Slime, a poppy clear baby scented like creamy strawberry ice cream. 

HI-CHEW® Sweet & Sour Watermelon Slime, an artisanal jelly texture that radiates watermelon. 

They’re yummy, but do not eat them.

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