Something Bingsu

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We are addicted to the crunchy, crispy texture of bingsu bead slimes. This grouping, all bingsu bombs of clear slime, is heaven for slimers driven by the ASMR sounds of slime.

Something Blue is a beautiful iridescent ombre of blue to white with a cocktail of scents, including mint, apple and pine cedar. The glitter heart charm on top is the perfect accessory for this swanky slime. 

Something Pink is the sister to Something Blue. She is an ombre of baby pink to white, all iridescent, and appropriated scented with pink sugar. It is a confectionary delight. The pastel heart, bow and crown charms on top give it a decidedly girlie touch. 

Glamour Girl is a bold mix of magenta, silver and black bingsu, designed with fashion lovers in mind. Complete with a sparkly high heel shoe charm, it is practically runway ready and scented Belle, a woodsy rose musk. 

This is 15% off of the price of three individual slimes.