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Roll Out the Pink Carpet Slime

Roll Out the Pink Carpet Slime

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Texture: Clear x Clay

Scent: Star Fruit

Size: 8oz

Level: Intermediate

Designed for our LA opening, Roll out the Pink Carpet is a glam nod to Hollywood. The small jar of clay is there for you to literally roll it and turn it into a "carpet" that leads to the slime. 

The clear base, scented like sweet and tart star fruit, is loaded with baubles and beads that remind us of movie star jewelry. A side of charms - all the things needed for a major premiere moment in La La Land - can then walk the pink carpet! Sprinkle the iridescent beads on top because this starlet is all about being EXTRA! 

It's award worthy. Five stars! 

Slime is for ages 3 and up.

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