Fruit Pack

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Our fruit themed slimes, like real fruit, are better as a "salad." So you can get them all in this one pack, which will be at a discount compared to getting all three individually. 

Strawberry Tempura is a thick and crunchy strawberry scented bingsu bomb, topped with green sprinkles (to mimic strawberry stems) and a crystal-embellished charm to match. 8 Oz. 

Frozen Blueberry Custard is a white glue slushee slime, scented like blueberries, with a layer of bright blue bingsu beads on the top and a side of DIY clay blueberries to mix in. Together, it becomes a creamy slushee butter. 8 Oz. 

Dragon Fruit Sorbet is a delightful icee slime, scented just like tropical dragon fruit, bedazzled with black bingsu beads (to represent "seeds"). It's light, fluffy, and airy and topped with dragon fruit fimos. 8 Oz. 

You can even blend them all together for a giant fruit slime smoothie.