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Sloomoo x Catch'N Ice Cream Strawberry Catch

Sloomoo x Catch'N Ice Cream Strawberry Catch

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Texture: Thick & Glossy x Clay

Scent: Strawberry Shortcake

Size: 8oz

Level: Intermediate

We are obsessed with Catch’N ice cream, the sweetest spot in SoHo, where they make flavored, crunchy ice cream balls they toss to the customer (it was founded by a mega TikTok influencer)  

Now you can get the slime version of the Catch’N world. We partnered with them to make a sprinkle-rolled clay ball with a thick & glossy slime, modeled after the ice creamery’s best selling strawberry shortcake confection. 

Mush and dive in - or throw it in the container from across the room if you dare  

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