Sloomoo Surprise Monthly Subscription

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FIVE satisfying, hand-crafted slimes per month!

46% off of retail! FREE SHIPPING (DOMESTIC ONLY)!

You'll never find any of these cute creations anywhere else. They're EXCLUSIVE! 

The box includes:

  • One 8 Oz. slime
  • Two 4 Oz. slimes
  • Two 1 Oz. slimes
  • Pack of extra charms to decorate your slime

First-time subscribers will receive an activator kit and a bottle of activator to use as needed.

Slime is a delicious way to relieve stress and trigger the imagination, whether you're a kid or a grown-up. Every box will come with a colorfully curated mix of slimes, all based on a fun, creative theme. Every now and then, we'll add in a gift from a brand we love! 

This is made for ages 5 and up (and by up, we literally mean up - to 90! It's a great tool for arthritis too!).

Yay! Let the party begin! 


When will your first order ship:

We ship boxes on the 15th of each month. If you subscribe by any date before the 14th of the month, your first box will ship on the 15th. 

What happens after the 15th of the month?

If you sign up on any date after the 15th of the month, your first box will ship on the 15th of the following month. (Example: If you sign up on January 16, your first box will be shipped on February 15th.)

What about additional items in the cart?

Additional items will be sent when we mail your subscription box. If you want to receive things earlier, we recommend placing a separate order. 

When will you be charged for your subscription box? 

You will be charged ($35 plus tax) on the 15th of each month for twelve months. The retail value is $77! You get 46% savings! Enjoy! 

Please click here to see the terms and conditions.                               

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