Slime DIY Monthly Subscription: Make Your Own Slime

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Make a new texture of slime every month! 36% OFF OF RETAIL & FREE SHIPPING!

We provide all of the ingredients and our secret recipes! 

Think of this as a monthly experience to make slime like a professional! Sometimes, the joy of slime is in science of creating it. That's what this monthly subscription is all about - giving you the supplies you need to whip up beautiful slimes at home. 

Each month - for 12 months - is dedicated to a different texture (butter, cloud, floam, snow fizz, bingsu and more)! The themed  box will be full of your must have ingredients - the Elmer's glue, a surprise slime scent, charms to decorate, and all you need to make a perfect Sloomoo approved slime. Every month will be different depending on the texture.

A QR for a how-to video AND written instructions are included so you can become an expert! 

Time to get cooking! (Photos are examples of a box; it will change monthly)


When will your first order ship:

We ship boxes the 15th of each month. If you subscribe by any date before the 14th of the month, your first box will ship the 15th. 

What happens after the 15th of the month?

If you sign up any date after the 15th of the month, your first box will ship the 15th of the following month. (Example: If you sign up January 16, your first box will be shipped on February 15th.)

What about additional items in the cart?

Additional items will be sent when we mail your subscription box. If you want to receive things earlier, we recommend placing a separate order. 

When will you be charged for your subscription box? 

You will be charged ($24.99 plus tax) on the 15th of each month for twelve months. You get a 36% savings! Enjoy! 


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