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Into The Sloomooverse AR Adventure Kit

Into The Sloomooverse AR Adventure Kit

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Trigger your imagination and unlock your creativity. This kit is for those who have fantastical dreams and playful visions. Scan the QR code and then each of the five stickers (then click "at Sloomoo Institute" when prompted as to where you are, even if you're not at Sloomoo). You will enter the mythological, magical Sloomooverse. 

Through your screen, look up, down, and all around. Tap the screen and find Sloomoo. Then use each otherworldly environment to inspire your designs. 

Use the tools to shape and sculpt pieces to match everything you experienced. 

The kit includes a QR code to show you how to use each of the tools and a how-to video to get you going. 

Show us your creations and tag us in social media - @sloomooinstitute.

See you in the Sloomooverse.

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