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"Today we had a virtual slime birthday party by Sloomoo Institute for my daughters 6th birthday. It was such an amazing party. The wonderful staff at Sloomoo thought of everything and shipped everything all our guests needed for the party. "

Lori (Mom of 6 and 8-year-old daughters)

"Thank you so much for a wonderful virtual party. The party exceeded my expectations!! It was fun, entertaining and I loved the concept. The slime making was definitely fun but asking the kids for their thoughts moved us all!! Thank you again for such a memorable party. The Sloomoo staff were exceptional. Made it so much fun, kept the flow going, extremely helpful! They were great!"

Sonia (Mom of 8 year old daughter)

“When you first said slime, I immediately thought it would be just for kids. Then I started playing with it. It's addictive and so good for mindfulness. I now keep a container at my desk and squish it during conference calls.”

Kelsey, 28-year-old marketing executive

“I joke that slime ‘broke’ our office because everyone has slime at their desks. It winds up being a part of every meeting and conversation.”

Demetrios, 40-year-old architect (Sloomoo's architect)

“My daughter loved this camp and all its crazy creations! Every week she looked forward to the different themes and making awesome slimes and crafts. She loved all the choices she had with regards to color, scent and charms. Definitely made her summer a fun and exciting one, even being stuck at home!”

Mother of Camp Sloomoo participant

What is Sloomoo Institute?

A sensory haven centered around slime, Sloomoo Institute is an artistic universe made to intrigue, delight, and evoke your inner child. Slime inspires wonder and joy, regardless of age. More than a childhood memory or satisfying social media trend, slime is artful, oozy fun. Even more, it is known to support stress relief as much as it does your imagination.

You'll love the way all your worries seem to fall by the wayside while you're here, allowing you to fully appreciate and be present in the moment. From a slime step-and-repeat to a slime waterfall, and everything in between, stop by our Soho location today to embark on the unbeatable adventure that awaits! To learn more about Sloomoo, check out Our Cause to read about the reason and why behind creating a slime museum. And learn about our commitment to the climate with our sustainable slime incentive.


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