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Sloomoo x Katherine Bernhardt: Hot Summer Sandía Slime

Sloomoo x Katherine Bernhardt: Hot Summer Sandía Slime

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Texture: DIY Clay (Jelly Butter Slime Base)

Scent: Watermelon Popsicle 

Size: 8oz

Level: Intermediate

One of the founders' biggest inspirations is contemporary art and they are both huge fans of American artist, Katherine Bernhardt. Katherine is known for her bright and vivid paintings that glorify everyday motifs, isolated from their original context. Think burgers, fries, toys, animals, exotic fruit, and nostalgic characters like Pink Panther, E.T., Darth Vader, Garfield and more.

Her work is playful yet eccentric, exuberant yet serious, and full of expression. She has been exhibited at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX, Contemporary Art Museum in Saint Louis, MO, Mario Testino Museum in Lima, and more.

We had the best time collaborating with her on a limited edition slime called Hot Summer Sandía (she spent her quarantine in Guatemala and based this slime on an ice cream she ate while there; it looked like a watermelon and watermelons are often the subject of her works).

The slime is a DIY clay watermelon popsicle with a jelly slime base, bedecked with black bingsu beads (to mimic the seeds). It mixes to a delightful jelly butter (a.k.a snow butter), offering a squishy texture that’s addictive to play with. 

The lid labels are custom made by the artist and the slimes come with two exclusive stickers, designed by Katherine. There are also additional charms - watermelon fimo slices, a banana and an avocado - which are tributes to The artist’s signature iconography. It's a collector's item, for sure! 

100% of the profits benefit Goldie Hawn’s MindUP mental health non-profit.

P.S. A quote from the artist: 

"This slime is all about a love of watermelon, a love of the smell of watermelon, a love of the sticky summer feel of eating a watermelon, a love of the joy of eating ice cream in the summer, a love of summer and a love of playing with gooey slime,” says Bernhardt.

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