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Crazy Cake Shake Slime

Crazy Cake Shake Slime

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Texture: DIY Clay (Cloud Creme Base)

Level: Intermediate

We're giving you all the ingredients for the most over the top, photo-worthy Crazy Cake Shake, complete with a cloud creme base (it literally feels like holdable whipped cream), big 'ole piece of soft layered yellow and white clay cake with plenty of sprinkles, strawberry pink "ice cream" to drizzle, supple white dollop of "whipped cream" and extra rainbow sprinkles. 

Then destroy! 

The final texture is everything you want in a slime - squeeze-y, cushy, stretchy. And then there's the scent. It's the ultimate indulgence of sweet. 

Note: Add-ins may vary but will still vibe with the design 

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