Our most coveted birthday add-on!

With our Guided Tour option, one of our dynamic "Slimetenders" will be your personal tour guide, leading your group through every activity in the space. This is 90 minutes of undivided attention.

Our guides explain how each type of slime differs, share the insider Sloomoo stories, show you slime tips and tricks, offer creative ideas to help you design your dream slime at our DIY bar, and more! When time allows, you may even get to see our “kitchen,” where we make the magic happen.

Please note: you won't have the entire space to yourself.

We offer our Guided Tours on:

Weekdays: 12pm - 4pm

Weekends: 10am - 5pm

We require (1) Guide per (10) guests to ensure you have the best time:

  • $250 - 1 guide for Up to 10 guests
  • $500 - 2 guides for 11-20 guests
  • $750 - 3 guides for 21-34 guests

Guided Tour pricing does NOT include the cost of admission. 
All adults and children must purchase tickets.

General Admission: $39 per person (not including tax and the $4 ticket admin fee)

Enhanced Experience: $69 per person (not including tax and the $4 ticket admin fee)

If you are interested in booking a guided tour for your special day, please let us know. One thing to keep in mind: we do not allow food or beverages in our space.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!