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Crushed Peacock Ore Slime

Crushed Peacock Ore Slime

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Texture: Slushee Avalanche Slime

Level: Expert

We've always been enamored by gemstones. We created a collection based on the raw beauty, energy and meanings of our favorite mineral crystals and gems. Crushed peacock ore is a gorgeous mix of pink and aqua clear slime, bedazzled with effervescent flakes of color changing pigment.

The peacock ore stone is known for its positive, uplifting effect and the slime does the same. Topped with a white glue slushee slime and reflective sugar paper, this baby offers a stunning  avalanche effect that is mesmerizing to mix. Scented cotton candy, it is irresistible!  

Note: Add-ins may vary but will still vibe with the design 

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