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Build Your Own Boba Slime

Build Your Own Boba Slime

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Grapefruit Jasmine Boba

Texture: Clear x Jelly

Scent: Grapefruit Jasmine

Size: 10oz

Level: Expert

Strawberry Boba

Texture: Jelly Cube x Cloud Slime

Scent: Strawberry

Size: 10oz

Level: Intermediate

Brown Sugar Boba

Texture: Thick & Glossy x Jelly Slime 

Scent: Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Size: 10oz

Level: Intermediate

We are ALL In on the bubble tea front. Originating in Taiwan in the early 80s, boba has become a global phenomenon and the ultimate social media fodder. 

Our build your own boba boxes come with a clear slime base, dark beads that represent tapioca, and an extra add-in based on the type you choose (jelly cubes, "chocolate crumbles," or fruity Fimos). A small slime is included to act as the topper.

Layer them up in the cup and decorate it with the paper straw to make25 your own concoction. 

Use the dropdown menu to choose your flavor. Drink up. Ok, don't drink it but you can pretend...

Slimey sips away. 

Slime is for ages 3 and up.

Note: Add-ins may vary but will still vibe with the design 

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