Meet Maria Raquel Thomas, a 14-year-old entrepreneur who ventured into the cosmetic and slime world! We asked her a few Q's to get the inside scoop.

We’re so curious... how did you find the slime world?

When I was younger, my dad took my little sister and me on the Disney cruise and dropped us off at the kids club. Every day they would do a new experiment, and the staff members directed us to the science lab room. I was very shy, but my sister was the complete opposite and forced me to go to the activity. I'm really glad we went because we made this gooey slimey substance, which I loved very much. I took excellent care of it until I couldn't anymore. A few years later, I realized that it was slime and decided to start a business so that everyone around the country would have some too.

Maria Raquel Thomas on Good Morning Washington

Tell us more about your cosmetic company; what inspired you to create it?

Although I was making everyone else happy and relaxed through slime, I still had one problem - I had chapped lips. My mom always told me if you have a problem, you can find the solutions to fix it. With that, I ventured out to make my own! I tried it on, and my lips felt so good - I finally felt confident showing my lips in public. I knew some other girls had the same problem as me and decided to turn it into a business.

Have you run into any hardships while building your brand? If so, how did you overcome them?

I did have many hardships while building my brand. I overcame them by creating a mini motivational book and drawing inspiration from other successful businesses and learning from them.

What advice would you give to young aspiring entrepreneurs?

Just go for it. If you really want to, do it do it! But I will say, it’s not easy, that’s why everyone’s not doing it. You got this!!

What does being an ambassador for Standup For Kids entail? Can you tell us more about your involvement with them?

Being an ambassador for Standup for Kids involves being a leader by helping kids develop from just surviving to thriving. I give 10% of my proceeds to the organization. I firmly believe that all kids matter, and maybe if I can get a kid in school, and they happen to love science like I do, they could discover the cure for cancer!

What’s your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subjects in school are science and geography.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you you’d like them to know?

I want people to know that I love art and that I’m very passionate about dance. Some of my favorite hobbies include drawing, painting, dancing, and gymnastics.

If you could only play with one type of slime the rest of your life, which texture would you pick?

Definitely fluffy slime.

If you could pick any Sloomoo Slime, which would you choose?

I love the swirl in Soho Sunset!