Meet Some Other Slime

Meet Some Other Slime

We spoke with this singing slimer about her obsession with musicals, how she incorporates this love into her slime, her favorite songs and more.

What started your love for Broadway and how have you incorporated that with slime?

I was born into my love of Broadway. My mom is a huge Broadway fanatic,. So, while other kids were watching Power Rangers and My Little Pony, I was watching movies of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland putting on shows! I knew all the words to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers by the time I was 4 and would run around choreographing my siblings into musicals! Incorporating it into slime was something that just came to me. One day it hit me that I could make music videos and it went from there!


What’s your favorite Broadway show and slime?

These feel like impossibly hard questions. How can one choose between her children?!!?!


What are your top 5 favorite songs right now?

"Wait For Me" from Hadestown

"Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge

"No Place" by Backstreet Boys

"Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" by Backstreet Boys

"Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People


Are you planning any slimes around musicals that are coming out?

I don't have my next theme planned yet, but it always ends up coming out organically. I'll go see a new show or rediscover an album I've always loved, etc.


What was your first Broadway related slime?

Eliza's Burning Butter!


How’d you get into slime?

As kid, I was watching a butter slime video on the subway right when OG had newly created it!  


Credit: Some Other Slime


What are you known for?

As far as slime? I think making great butters, great fishbowls and having spot-on scents that people drool over!


What do you bring to the slime community that’s different? 

I think the musical side of me is unique. I do things differently because of my theatrical background. And I think I'm kinda funny???


When did you open your shop?

Summer 2017. Omg...


What’s your favorite slime and moment or memory with it?

Meeting some of my best friends because of slime conventions has been the greatest joy.  


What’s one thing the slime community would not know about you?

I vehemently hate mushrooms.


What are your future plans and goals?

Right now I'm living day-by-day. That's kind of the NYC way.


If you were on a deserted island which slime would you take and why?

This 100% depends on whether or not I have unlimited activator lololol.


Who do you think is an underrated slimer?

Slimeonade Stand, Slime Bauble, Kooky Slime

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