Meet Limery Slimery!

Meet Limery Slimery!

We sat down with Jordan and asked her 7 slimey questions...

Meet Jordan! One of our favorite slimers (@limeryslimery) on Instagram and TikTok. She's a busy student juggling leadership activities and a slime shop, which is impressive! If you haven't tried her cinnamon spiced honey cornbread slime - you're missing out.

Photo care of: LimerySlimery

1. How'd you get into slime?

I initially started my Etsy shop selling polymer clay charms. I had created an Instagram and was really quite passionate about them, but they weren’t selling. I saw a couple slimers pop up in my “recommended” on Instagram and I fell in love. I put a couple slimes in the shop and they sold really well! It was then I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

2. What is your shop known for?

I would love to say I’m known for my butters! Butter slime is definitely my favorite texture and there’s so many different ways to make it shine. I love DIY clays and creating slime-clay ratios. Additionally, mixing up different types of clay from around the world to find the best texture is always so much fun! My butters are often praised when people receive them.

3. What’s your favorite slime and moment or memory with it?

I have so many favorite slimes, and they often rotate as I play with them so much I kill them! For the longest time my personal favorite was Kirby from bizcatslimes, but now I’m loving Erica from potchaslimes, peel n’ pull twizzlers from glitterslimes, and pumpkin bread from satisfactory store. Really depends on my mood! My favorite memory with slime is definitely at my brother's hockey games. He plays goalie, and it’s quite a stressful position! I don’t think I could get through a game without playing with slime, I get so worried and concerned when the puck is in his zone or his defense makes bad decisions and slime truly does help to calm me down.

Photo care of: LimerySlimery


4. What is something the slime community may not know about you?

The community most likely wouldn’t realize how many things I’m involved in and how much I depend on slime to keep me sane! I actively play 4 instruments (harp, piano, handbells, and violin), am part of Yearbook Club and Global Giving Tree Club, math tutor, dance, teach little kids how to dance, own a slime shop, run a trivia team at my local library, hold a Peer Leadership position at my school, and am head of the fundraising committee for my handbell team. It’s a lot!

5. What is your worst slime-making disaster?

There’s been a lot of . . . and I mean a lot of . . . slime making disasters in my time. One that stands out was when I was searching for the perfect, no fall-out slushee recipe! It took around 5lbs of beads and SOOOOO much fallout for me to finally get it right. Beads were everywhere! Vacuuming them up and collecting them was so hard haha. It looked like a snow ball fight on my workspace!

6. If you were on a deserted island what slime would you take and why?

As of right now, I would take pull n peel twizzlers from glitterslimes. It’s such a smooth and calming slime and I would definitely need to calm down after being stranded!

7. What are your future plans and goals?

In the future, I’d like to go to college for business with a focus on Marketing. Running my slime shop has made me realize how much I love doing it! I would love to turn it into my career.

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