We search high and low for inspiration during this time. Every week, we’ll be sharing our finds. Here are some things that get our creative juices flowing right now.

Our team has found inspiration in the homegrown performances, covering popular songs, often using household appliances as instruments. If you need to refill your "feel good" tank, watch their videos.

This documentary details the story of rock climber Alex Honnold attempting to conquer the first free solo climb of famed El Capitan's 900-meter vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park. It came out last year. We finally watched it. Wow!
The gold sparkle nail trim... floating clouds against a lavender backdrop... half tips in ombré. We love her manicure sensibility and only wish we had her skill.
These are the cutest, happiest candy trays we’ve ever seen. We’re dying to use them in slime vids. Sassy Sprinkes has our name all over it.  
Fashion designer Rick Owens has always approached his craft like a true artist. His furniture is exquisite sculpture. Alabaster chairs! Need we say more? It’s a fortune, but we can still dream.