We search high and low for inspiration during this time. Every week, we’ll be sharing our finds. Here are some things that get our creative juices flowing right now.


Pangaia Clothing

They make simple, clean basics - sweatpants, Ts, hoodies - but everything is completely green and done with forward technologies like seaweed fiber, compostable packaging and recycled materials. We love their palette and the way they give back to important organizations.

Town and Concrete

Town and Concrete is an architectural collective that does the craziest public art installations, often made of inflatables, stuffed materials and steel. Think gigantic flamingoes or geometric shapes you walk through. Their sense of play and color leave us wanting more!

Chunky Dunky

Ben & Jerry’s collaborates with Nike for a sneaker we’re obsessed with. The swoosh is slimy! There’s a cow print and a blue sky backdrop. It’s the most perfect brand partnership we’ve seen. Oh. It comes in a giant ice cream tub.

Oliver Jeffers

He is a children’s book artist in a league of his own. We appreciate the drawings, writing and lessons in his thoughtful books, appropriate for adults as well as kids. They’re guaranteed to give you an emotional response.

KangHee Kim

KangHee Kim is a South Korean-born photographer who creates dreamy surrealist images that feel like magical vacation views only a unicorn would find. We can get lost in her instagram - @tinycactus - for hours.