Ultimate Slime Expert Kit

YourUltimate Slime Expert Kit is for the "professional" slimer who eats, sleeps and breathes slime (like us)! It contains everything for whipping up dozens of slime types - clear, thick and glossy, butter, bingsu, slushee, cloud, cloud creme, cloud dough, snow butter, floam, jelly cube, jelly, snow fizz, snow butter, snow jelly and more.

Ultimate Slime Expert Kit

  • What is in the box?

    List of Materials:

    • 2 Elmer's School Glue bottles
    • 2 Elmer's Clear Glue bottles
    • 10 bottles of Elmer's colored glue
    • 5 slime scents (exact scents are always a surprise)
    • 3 SnoWonder 1 gallon packets
    • 2 bags of Victory Pellets
    • 5 empty jars
    • 8 jars of our soft air dry clay (each will be a different color)
    • 1 sponge pack (which you would then cut into cubes of any size to make a jelly cube slime)
    • 6 containers of iridescent bingsu beads
    • 5 surprise packets of charms
    • 5 packets of sprinkles
    • 2 blank label sheets
    • 2 Sharpie pens
    • 2 containers of foam beads
    • 2 containers of fake snow specifically for snow fizz slime
    • 1 container of borax (to make activator)
    • 3 random squishies!

  • What can you make?

    The options for this kit are endless! However, if you need some help getting ideas on what to make, we can bring you through how we use the provided materials in our slimes.

  • How to make a white base

    Knowing how to make a white glue base is the foundation to making an amazing slime. In this video Sasha will bring us through the exact steps to make sure your base provides the perfect start to all your creations.

    Provided Materials:

    • 1 Bottle of School Glue
    • Activator bottles 

    Need to Gather:

    • 1 mixing bowl
    • A spoon or spatula
    • 1 tsp measuring spoon
    • Lotion (any type will work)
  • What can my white base become?

  • How to make a clear slime

    Clear slime takes nuance and patience. It is not easy to get a perfectly clear slime but Sasha is known for her clears! She will be teaching you the art of making clear because it is an art form.

    Provided Materials:

    • 1 Bottle of Clear Glue
    • Activator bottles

    Need to Gather:

    • 1 mixing bowl
    • A spoon or spatula
    • 1 tsp measuring spoon
    • Vegetable glycerin
  • What can my clear base become?

    We love a good clear slime, but if you are looking to take yours up a notch we have the perfect add-ins to do so! Sasha will provide some great ideas for what to do with your clear base.