This is a personal story from two of the founders, Karen and Sara. 

Slime came to us at a really difficult time of our lives. We were both dealing with loss and in mourning. Life was very stressful as it sometimes is. Karen’s friends Melissa and Mike visited her with their then ten-year-old daughter, Mattie. Mattie had ingredients to make slime with her. She thought she would be hanging out by herself most of the time and it turned out, it was Melissaand Mike who were left alone while Karen and Mattie slimed for hours. 
“I felt like I was me at 8,” Karen remembers,“Iloved slime the first time around, in the 70s, and this moment brought back my old childhood joy.” Karen grabbed Mattie as she was leaving and said,“Mattie!I need more slime! Where do I get the good stuff!” That was the beginning of her addiction.
Sara and Karen started using slime as way of relieving stress. They would sit on the floor of Sara’s apartment, playing with Sara’s daughters, every weekend.“Weknew we had to bring the magic and joy of what this was to the world,” Sara says. 
They hit the slime trade show circuit and were taken by the open minded, inclusionary nature of the slime community. Thousands of slimes, brainstorms, and experiments later, they launched Sloomoo Institute, their happy place.