We made Black Tap's Fourth of July CRAZYSHAKE

We made Black Tap's Fourth of July CRAZYSHAKE

photo courtesy [Black Tap]

When Black Tap sent us the image for this crazyshake, we nearly lost our minds! It looks absolutely delicious and so much like our Fireworks slime - so much so that we decided to transform it into a slime of its own (and try their recipe)!

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Below, you’ll find our favorite shake spot’s secret recipe and see the slime we made in its honor.


9oz vanilla ice cream
3oz whole milk
1oz vanilla syrup
Put the above ingredients into blender and blend for about 10 seconds for a thick consistency
2oz vanilla frosting
2oz red white and blue sprinkles for rim
1oz red white and blue sprinkles for garnish
1 cherry
1 can whipped cream
1 red white and blue twisty pop
2. Frost milkshake cup with vanilla icing
3. Roll vanilla frosted rim into red, white & blue sprinkles
4. Pour milkshake into cup
5. Insert firecracker popsicle, popsicle facing upwards
6. Add whipped cream
7. Insert red, white & blue twisty pop on opposite side of popsicle
8. Sprinkle red white and blue sprinkles
9. Add cherry on top


decorate with cute bingsu beads

drizzle cherry sauce

pour in milkshake base

add whipped cream

sprinkle colorful bingsu beads

place swirled lolipop

finish with a cute straw




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