5 Upcycling Ideas for Slime

5 Upcycling Ideas for Slime

If you love slime as much as we do, you probably have an always-growing collection of it, but sometimes it's really hard to let go of your favorites. We like to upcycle our slime and turn it into something new. It’s both environmentally conscious and creative at the same time.

Here are five ideas.

1. Slime Suncatchers 

Drying slime in the lids of old jars can turn them into gorgeous suncatchers. You can use all different types and create marbled beauties to hang in your windows.

2. Slime as sculpture!

When slime dries it can take on different shapes. By arranging them together and shaping them as they dry you can create abstract works of art.

3. Calming slime glitter jars

Remember those entrancing glitter wands you had as a kid? Make your own in jars and leave them on shelves to add some sparkle decoration. They never go bad and they can light up a room.

4. Slime Paintings!

This particular recipe uses cornstarch but you can also add drops of your old slime for depth and texture. Frame them and add them to your gallery wall!

5. Slime window clings!

Using an underactivated slime works best for this one. Let them dry, peel them off, and stick them to your windows! When you want to take them off, they peel right off.

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