DIY Projects: Slime Suncatchers

DIY Projects: Slime Suncatchers

We've been working our way through our at home slime collections and the truth is - there were some reallllly old slimes that we didn't maintain properly. Ps they all melted. We weren't ready to part with them and decided to repurpose them into suncatchers. Here's how you can do it too.


All you need is old slime (we used clear slimes but you can use white glue slimes as well). Butter and cloud slimes are not be the best for this project because the texture is so dense, the sun won't be able to shine through. Don't worry! We have projects coming soon that involve those textures too.

Next, take a piece of slime and place it in a "mold." We used the cap of our slime container to get a perfect circle, but you can use any jar lid. You want to let it settle so that the slime fills the whole space of the lid.

Now, wait. Set the slime aside in a place where it won't get touched or knocked over. Let it dry for as long as it needs. We let ours sit for 48 hours. Make sure the slime is fully dry, otherwise it will curl or drip.

When your slime is dry, remove it from the mold. Use a hole punch to poke a hole in the top of your suncatcher, so you can hang it! We used friendship bracelet string, but you can use any string or twine.

Hang in a window and let the sun shine through!

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