Slime Moms: Meet Maria Brito

Slime Moms: Meet Maria Brito

It’s never easy to balance family and work especially during a quarantine. We talked to three pro-slime moms about how they manage to do it all.

Meet Maria Brito.
Maria Brito is the ultimate multi-hyphenate - art advisor/author/creative consultant/entrepreneur. She manages to balance her career and her family with grace. We talked to her about motherhood in quarantine and here’s what she had to say.

How old are your boys? 

They are 10 and 12.

How are they holding up at home during all of this?

Better than any adult! They are so resilient, creative and imaginative. They are turning in their homework, photographing their art projects, or recording music and sending files to their teachers. Having many zoom classes every day. It’s a joy to see how adaptable they are.

How have you bonded more recently? 

Now we have many more meals together because they used to take their lunch at school. And there are more hugs and kisses and cuddles in the morning because we have the time!

What do you do together to inspire creativity? 

We are watching movies, we are making music (my oldest is a piano player), we are cooking together and playing!

When did they get into slime?

When you introduced it to them maybe about 18 months ago?

How much do they play with it? 

Oliver loves to play with slime all the time! It is very soothing and fun. He is so much into scent.

What do you appreciate about their slime love? 

The tactile experience along with the fragrance and the possibilities that it presents for the brain to connect with the hands and generate new ideas.

Admit it. You love slime too. What is your favorite?

Ha! Yes! Slimefulness Lavender Vanilla!

What other #satisfying things do the two of you do together?

Well we are a family of four and we all are so different in our tastes and preferences but we all definitely love a good meal together.

What is your pick from the Sloomoo site as a gift?

The jumpsuits! Of course! I love them all!

How are you spending Mother's Day?

Well, we don’t have like a ton of options. I guess we will eat lunch at home and If the weather is nice we will go out for a long walk.

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