Why Mental Health Matters

Why Sloomoo is so passionate about emotional wellbeing.


Taking a step back and pausing can be hard in a society driven by constant movement and social media likes. Our worlds feel like they’re on display, which is stressful and pressurizing.


Slime allows for our focus to be taken away from the 200 different things running through our minds, the past that we harp on and the future we plan and worry about. One of our founders, Karen Robinovitz, sat down with leading psychologist, Dr. Thomas M. Jones to discuss stress, anxiety and how slime helps with our mental wellbeing. He revealed he has been experimenting with slime, handing it to his patients. “The minute they start working on it, they start calming down,” he says. “Because it’s tactical, you get grounded, you get centered and you get focused.”




Jones has created The Paradox Process, a protocol that brings the conscious mind to the present by eliminating negative emotions from the past, while decreasing anxieties about the future. His focus on remaining in the present is something that slime allows one to achieve. “What’s happening is you can watch their hands as they are talking about their issues they are infusing them into the slime,” Jones explains he has seen watching his patients play with goo. He even says slime on its own would be a brilliant therapy. As those in his office play with slime he says “something is lifting them, that they’re present and engaged at the same time. It’s very powerful and very grounding.”

A video of Dr. Jones speaking about the mental health benefits of slime:


Our mental health is just as important as our physical. As a society, we tend to neglect this. “The core function of slime toys is to take your mind off your stressors and calm your nerves. Moreover, as your brain gets a break from stress, it triggers happy hormones such as endorphins,” says The ASMR Doctor.


Slime allows us to use mindfulness and while playful, it also (sweetly) forces you to focus on how it feels, smells, sounds, so you’re suddenly present and in the moment. This gooey goodness allows individuals to reconnect with their inner child, an important part of healing and therapeutic work. Jones thinks slime gives people permission to connect to their inner child and that we are all desperate to be the kid that we actually are. “When we give them what is extensively a toy, they hone into the kid that they actually are. You can see their facial expression change, their face relaxes, they go into a different mode,” he adds. “They go into the authentic self. This is an invitation to the authenticity that’s there already.” Our ethos at Sloomoo is about inclusion, acceptance, no judgements. We are a safe space for everyone to let go and just be.



According to The American Psychiatric Association nearly one in five (or 19 percent) of U.S. adults experience mental illness. 7% of children 3-17 have been diagnosed with anxiety and over 3% of children have been diagnosed with depression between the same age range says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Mental health is real. We work with three wonderful charities who support de-stigmatizing of the topic and enable outlets to find support. Check out Love is Louder, NAMI and Sad Girls Club for more information. And consider adding slime to your toolbox of handling difficult emotions. It’s not a cure, but it has been known to help so many people. No one thing is a cure all but we're fans of anything that eases us along the path of life.


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