Meet the Sad Girls Club

Meet the Sad Girls Club

When we were building out our business plan, we put social responsibility and giving back at the forefront of our brand.

Mental health is such an important cause to us. We’re committed to removing the stigma especially because it’s a big topic in the slime world. We hear so many stories about slime easing stress and anxiety and that is a big driver for us as a whole.

We met Elyse Fox, founder of the non-profit Sad Girls Club, before we opened and fell in love with her mission. The largest organization dedicated to Gen Z and millennial girls, Sad Girls Club promotes an open and safe forum for mental health conversations and support.

We talked to Elyse to get some tips to manage anxiety and depression which is happening to a lot of us during the quarantine.

Here’s what she said.

Image: Sad Girls Club

What are some resources for people who are feeling isolated and depressed?
@sadgirlsclub, @r29unbothered
Meditation & yoga: @healhaus @yogavidanyc
Do you have any tips for staying positive during such a scary time? 
For me, understanding that I have no control over the pandemic or the outcome makes this situation easier. We can’t become overly invested by things that are out of our control. What I do focus on are my controllable’s. I’ve been really working to maintain a decent diet, setting a time for my social media and news intake, and the type of people and energy I surround myself with. I look at blog posts that brighten my spirit, funny TikTok videos and keeping my space as clean as possible.
What has your routine been like?
I’m not going to lie and say I’ve developed the *perfect* routine throughout the past few weeks but I try to wake up by 8:00 am, practice my skincare routine each morning and evening and I spend the daytime caring for my 10 month old and meal prepping as much as possible. There are a couple social media pages I look at to break up the day. @HealHaus offers donation based yoga and my boy @corytownes hosts live DJ sessions.
How are you keeping yourself grounded, occupied and creative?
My son keeps me occupied, he’s oblivious and full of energy haha! I’m also running a non profit with a very small team so we’re constantly strategizing ways to engage with our community.
Are you hosting virtual meetings for SGC? If so, what details can you share?
Yes! We’ll be hosting our IGTV series #AskATherapist weekly. The series gives anyone in the world the opportunity to ask a therapist a question and receive a response from a licensed professional. The SGC squad will be live-streaming every weekend and sharing how we’re staying occupied during quarantine.
Is there anything else you can share to instill hope and positive energy in people? 
Moderation is key, whether it be social media consumption or the temptation of eating all of your quarantine snacks! Also, turn off the news haha.
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