7 Non-Slime Insta Accounts We ❤️

7 Non-Slime Insta Accounts We ❤️

These pages make us smile.


1. Pip & Pop

Austrailain artist Tanya Schultz works to create immersive installations and artwork out of delicious materials, from glitter to sugar to random materials she finds on her journeys around the globe. Her Insta leaves you IN AWE.



2. Aleia

From frogs on jet skis to snails in a retro diner, this page has got you covered in hilarious and interesting content.



3. subliming.jpg

Think amazing graphic art with bright colors and positive messages to give you the affirmation you need anytime of day.



4. cat_rabbit

A textile artist sharing the cutest pieces of work from felt kaulas to a bunch of bewildered bananas!



5. Shoplifter

This Icelandic leading artist creates colorful masterpieces out of synthetic and natural hair. We love her happy faces and vibrant rooms!



6. Franknitty3000

This Hong Kong based GIF artist makes amazing deconstructive, moving imagery of fashion and beauty campaigns. Some have included editorial shots from Burberry and Gucci. They are mesmerizing.



7. Ericyitv.artist

He calls himself the "Judith Leiber of Instagram" and rightfully so. His creations are bejeweled images including Drake, Rihanna, kittens and classic Nike sneakers.


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