Here at Sloomoo, we're no strangers to the occasional slime spill. We’ve seen every kind of mess - hair, sweaters, sofas, rugs. If you or a family member happen to have a spill, don't panic. We've got you covered. Follow these steps and one, two, three, your surface is now slime FREE!

1. Remove as much dried slime as you can. This'll speed up the soaking process.

2. Grab WHITE VINEGAR and begin. Lightly soak the slime covered area. The amount of vinegar depends on how much slime is there. You may need to douse it.

3. Using a sponge or cloth, gently scrub in circular motions until the stain begins to dissolve. Add more vinegar as needed.

4. Once the stain is gone, dab water over the area. Let it dry and you’re done!