Here are some testimonials that show how slime appeals to all ages.


“I didn't really have a frame of reference for slime so I did not have any expectations. Now when my mind is overwhelmed I've found myself subconsciously reaching for slime and it helps me to take a step back and get my thoughts in order.”
Julia, 22-year-old brand strategist 
“When you first said slime, I immediately thought it would be just for kids. Then I started playing with it. It is addictive and so good for mindfulness. I now keep a container at my desk and squish it during conference calls.”
Kelsey, 28-year-old marketing executive 
“I joke that slime‘broke’our office because everyone has slime at their desks. It winds up being a part of every meeting and conversation.”
Demetrios, 40-year-old architect (transparently,he is the architect behind Sloomoo Institute)
“My daughter is obsessed with slime and I find myself kneading and pressing it on my own. It is such a good way to relieve stress. I play with it over champagne with my friends.”
Melissa, 47-year-old author 
“It’s therapeutic, calming and really good for manual dexterity.”
Ely, 60-year-old massage therapist 
“OMG, it’s so fun. The colors. The way it feels. I can’t wait to take my grandchildren.”
– Adrienne, 70-year-old art collector