By Cara Zimmerman


1. DJ Livia

This 10-year-old DJ has been hired to party and DJ for the likes of the Kardashians, Ellen and more. Her preferred music choices are hip hop and old school hits. She has also toured with the Jacksons and learned from her father all her turntable skills. Check out her adorable interview here.

This tot won South Africa's Got Talent at just 3-years-old! Now, at the age of 6 his career spinning has just begun. Well recognized figures in the music industry including Simon Cowell are backing him. He's most recently been an act on Britain's Got Talent.


3. Federico Gardenghi

At 15-years-old, his fascination with house music began at the age of around 4 when he was gifted his first DJ set for Christmas. Today, the Italian DJ performs at festivals all around the world.



4. Perto

A friend of music sensation Billie Eilish and DM-ing with Diplo, this Sydney producer is just 17 and playing sold-out shows worldwide. I-D just did a feature on him, which is a must-read.



5. DJ Annie Red

She's a 10-year-old award-winning DJ from Brooklyn that spins for the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays, but she isn't just that. Red is also an author, motivational speaker and activist fighting for anti-bullying.