Each have left us drooling


1. Bonsai Kakigōri

This cute spot created a Japanese classic dessert called kakigōri, which is the better version of shaved ice. Each spectaculator ice is made to order and the process is mesmerizing.


2. Bibble & Sip

This amazing NYC spot serves freshly made baked goods each day inspired by Asian flavors (the chef is trained in French Confectionery). We are obsessed with their oozing green tea cream puffs that are seeping with slimey filling the second they're broken.


3. CottonHi

An amazing soft serve ice cream spot with a twist. They use 100% organic cotton candy made without chemicals or dyes to top each cone!



4. Sweet Corner Bakeshop

Their amazing cookies are stuffed with Nutella that oozes everywhere.



5. Spot Dessert Bar  

Cutting into their matcha lava cake reveals a river of neon green filling.


6.Mo Gelato

Their gelato panino’s are warm brioche that are gushing with cool gelato or sorbet of choice.




7. Boqueria

These nutella-stuffed churros will make you wonder why you ever had another churro… ever.