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7 Slimey Sneakers Sloomoo Loves

If Sloomoo had feet, they would be wearing any of these...

Bright orange for a pop of fun, these sneakers have the slimiest sole and add a little height to your life. They are also unisex and free of animal products and we vibe with that.


Bright, colorful, and with a platform. They're like wearing sunshine. Could these lift your spirits any higher?

Sink your teeth into a pair of these thick tread Off White kicks. Love them with dresses, jeans, or a dressed up pant. We love their luxe street style sensibility.

Floral. Python print. Leather. Spring colors. Serious sole action. These ADIDAS have everything we love in a sneaker and more.

These zany shoes remind us of the intricate patterns in slime and we are obsessed with the color accents. With a touch of shine, the comfort of mesh, and sculpted treads, they are textural perfection.

Allbirds is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint while providing absolute comfort for feet. We love their classic, clean, modern look. Both minimal and understated, they're sleek and timeless.

We never met a chevron print we didn't love. In teal, purple and read, these Converse high tops slay. Love the new flair to the old school style.



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