10 TikTok Accounts We're Glued to

10 TikTok Accounts We're Glued to

TikTok was already one of the top growing social media platforms before quarantine, but now it has exploded across all generations. Family dances, cooking tips, at home photography tips, whipped coffee; there is a TikTok for ANY skill you have ever desired to learn or show off. Whatever you've got, bring it to TikTok.

If you're one of the five people that hasn't downloaded TikTok or you've just downloaded it and don't know where to start, we have you covered. We've laid out our 10 favorite accounts... and here... we... go... (you'll get it when you watch Adam Rose).

Old Man Steve (what that's what it stands for!)

You might come for the cooking videos, but you stay for the hats. Everything about his videos make us laugh.

Surya Chandrasekaran (@hi.surya)

His transitions are spot on and you'll know exactly what we mean when you watch his videos. They're smooth which makes them catchy. Also he floats in the air.

Adam Rose... the real one.

He has made the cardigan iconic and really embraced the spectrum of the "woah."

We're flippin serious.

He's learning a new flip every day of quarantine and they're crazy, but he nails them. How many flips can you do?

Allison Holker (is a) Boss

She dances, she grooves, she moves, and we can't get enough of her family TikToks. Married to Twitchtok (who also made this list).

Twitchtok on TikTok

Feel good family dances and clever videos. They'll get stuck in your head for days and always make you smile.

Nico (@succulentbite)

Don't mind us while we scroll through Nico's TikTok dreaming of 7 layer chocolate cakes and gooey pizzas. This has really affected our Door Dash budget.

First Glitter... then Lazers

She has the cutest outfits and creative DIY tips. Her feed is bright in colors and fun to watch.

Mitchell.. just Mitchell.

He's got every mom's reaction to quarantine pegged. We showed it to our moms and they all agreed.

Don't stop monkeying around...

This monkey stole our slimey hearts when she started playing with slime in her videos! We'd say she is an experience slimer.

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