June: Fruit Salad Frenzy Clear Floam Slime

Summer fruit season is finally here! This month, you will make a Fruit Salad Frenzy that’s ripe for play time.

Please gather:

  • 1 5oz Elmer’s clear glue
  • 1oz Slime Slip
  • Tropical Fruit scent
  • Fruit themed charm pack
  • 8 oz jar with blank side label filled with multicolored floam beads
  • Activator bottles
  • Mixing bowl
  • Spoon or Spatula
  • Teaspoon measuring spoon

Step 1: Gather a mixing bowl, spoon or spatula, a teaspoon measuring spoon, and the provided activator.

Step 2: Empty the entire bottle of Elmer’s clear glue into the bowl.

Step 3: Add 1 teaspoon of Slime Slip into the bowl.

Step 4: Add 2-3 drops of the scent (optional).

Step 5: Mix thoroughly until evenly combined.

Step 6: Add 1 teaspoon of activator and mix vigorously. You will notice strands and clumps start to form. Keep mixing! This is a good sign.

Step 7: While the slime is still really sticky, add all of the floam beads. Mix thoroughly and ensure all the beads are coated in the slime.

Step 8: Add 1 more teaspoon of activator and use your hands to knead into the slime. As you knead you will be breaking up the strands and clumps in the slime. The more you break them up, the less sticky the slime will be.

Step 9: If the slime still feels sticky, add 1/2 teaspoon of activator at a time and knead into the slime until it no longer feels sticky.

Step 10: Decorate to your heart’s content using the provided charms! Over time, your slime will naturally turn a magenta color from the floam beads.

Step 11: Don’t forget to name your slime! Write your slime’s name on the blank label on the side of your slime jar.

Step 12: Store your slime in the provided 8 oz jar. Always keep your slime in an air-tight container when you’re not playing with it so it can last as long as possible. Happy crunching!

The Sloomoos

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