July: Summer Slush

Please Gather:

4 oz Elmer’s School Glue
4 oz jar of Victory Pellets
Pink, Blue, or Yellow Colorant
Watermelon, Lemon, or Blue Raspberry Slush Scent
Fruit Themed Charm Pack
Mixing Bowl
Spoon or Spatula
Teaspoon Measuring Spoon
Activator (Video Here)
Empty 8oz Jar With Blank Label

Step 1: Make your activator (video here).

Step 2: Grab a mixing bowl, spoon or spatula, a teaspoon measuring spoon, and the activator you made.

Step 3: Empty the entire bottle of Elmer’s school glue into your empty bowl.

Step 4: (Optional) Add 3-5 drops of the Fruit Slush scent.

Step 5: Add 2-5 drops of the colorant. The more you add the darker the color of your slime.

Step 6: Stir everything together. Give it a good 30+ seconds of mixing before moving on to the next step.

Step 7: Add all of the Victory Pellets into your mixing bowl.

Step 8: Gently fold and mix the Victory Pellets into the glue mixture until they are fully mixed in. This may take a few minutes. It’s important that they are fully incorporated into the glue mixture to ensure they will stick in your slime.

Step 9: Add 3 teaspoons of activator into your bowl.

Step 10: Mix THOROUGHLY! It may take 1-2 minutes to do this properly. It is super important to mix in the activator extremely well to achieve the best results.

Step 11: At this point your slime should still be very sticky and gluey. This is ok. Now add 1 more teaspoon of activator into your bowl.

Step 12: Mix THOROUGHLY! It may take 1-2 minutes to do this properly.

Step 13: Use 1 finger to test the slime and see if it is sticky. If it does not stick to your finger easily, move on to step 14. If it does stick, add 1/2 teaspoon of activator and mix thoroughly into your slime. Repeat this process until you feel the slime is no longer sticky, and is at a consistency that you enjoy. It should not be too firm, otherwise it will not be able to hold in the Victory Pellets.

Step 14: Knead the slime with your hands. Pull and stretch it for a few minutes to make sure there are no clumps or strings in your slime.

Step 15: Now you have Slushee slime! Pull, stretch, and squeeze the slime. It should be crunchy, and bubbly.

Step 16: decorate your slime to your heart's content using the fruit themed charms!

Step 17: Don’t forget to name your slime! Write your Slime’s name on the blank label on the side of your Slime jar.

Step 18: Store your slime in the provided empty 8 oz jar. Always keep your slime in the air-tight container when you’re not playing with it so it can last as long as possible.


The Sloomoos

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