January: Frozen Fantasy Icee Slime

Please gather:

  • 1 5oz Elmer’s Clear Glue

  • 1 Slime Slip

  • 1 Vanilla Mint Scent

  • 1 Small jar of turquoise pigment

  • 1 Charm pack

  • x2 8oz jars with blank side labels

  • x2 Activator Spray Bottles

  • 1 Large Mixing Bowl

  • 1 Spoon or Spatula

  • 1 Teaspoon measuring spoon

Step 1: Grab a large mixing bowl, spoon or spatula, a teaspoon measuring spoon, and the provided activator.

Step 2: Empty the whole bottle of Elmer’s clear glue into your empty bowl.

Step 3: Add 2 tsp of slime slip into the bowl.

Step 4: (Optional) Add 2-3 drops of the Vanilla Mint scent into the bowl.

Step 5: Stir together until everything is evenly combined.

Step 6: Add 3 teaspoons of activator into the bowl.

Step 7: Mix THOROUGHLY! It may take a few minutes to do this properly. You want to mix until the slime starts to come together and pull away from the bowl.

Step 8: After mixing for a few minutes, Add 2 more teaspoons of activator and keep on mixing until it pulls away from the bowl and forms one mass. It may still be a little stringy/clumpy.

Step 9: Now you can start kneading the slime with your hands. take it out of the bowl to massage it all together. The slime may feel a bit sticky and rippy. Don’t worry, it’ll go away once you're done kneading. Keep kneading, and stretching the slime. The more you do, the more you incorporate the activator, make the slime smooth, and the more you will achieve the best final result.

Step 10: Now you have Clear Slime! It may not look perfectly clear right away - that’s due to air bubbles. Since you are making icee slime, it’s okay!

Step 11: Store the finished slime in one of the 8oz jars to keep it from drying while you complete the next steps. It’s time to turn it into Icee slime!

Step 12: Open the Snowonder packet and add all of the Snowonder into an empty bowl.

Step 13: Add 1.5 cups of water to the bowl. Watch as the snow quickly expands! Use your hands to mix the snow to make sure the water is fully absorbed, and is evenly mixed into all the snow. The snow should be one consistent texture. If parts of the snow are dryer/wetter than others, you need to keep mixing until it becomes even.

Step 14: Now it’s time to mix the snow into your clear slime! Add all of your clear slime into the bowl with the snow, and start folding and mixing the snow into the slime. Keep doing this until all of the snow is fully incorporated into the slime.

Step 15: After mixing in the snow, the slime will feel a little sticky. Add 2 more teaspoons of activator and knead thoroughly into the slime.

Step 16: Now you have Icee slime! It should be stretchy, soft, and sizzly. If your slime ever feels sticky, add 1/2 teaspoon of activator and knead into the slime. Repeat this until the slime no longer feels sticky.

Step 17: Time to color the slime to create a frozen fantasy swirl!

Step 18: Add all of the turquoise pigment into your slime. Slowly pull and stretch the slime to lightly incorporate the pigment in. You want to create streaks of turquoise, so do not mix too much.

Step 19: Place the slime back into the jars. You will have enough slime to fill 2 jars! Admire the beautiful turquoise swirls! The swirls will only last until you remove the slime from the jar and start to play with it. Then they will mix and the slime will become one solid color.

Step 20: Decorate to your heart’s content using the provided charms.

Step 21: Don’t forget to name your slimes! Write your slime’s name on the blank white labels on the side of your slime jars.

Step 22: Always store your slime in the provided empty 8 oz jars, with the lids tightly screwed on, when you’re not playing with it so it doesn’t dry out, and can last as long as possible.

The Sloomoos

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