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Super Hero Smash from LA

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We are so excited about our EXCLUSIVE slimes for the LA pop up that we are bringing a FEW to our site for the holiday. They all come pre-boxed and adorably packaged, so they're gift-giving-ready.

Super Hero Smash is our way of reminding every child that he/she/they are super! A pop of bright red, white and blue - an a double cheery scent (like bubblegum!) - give it the feeling of strength and joy. There are three little star charms (think of them as your new shield!) to go with the theme. 

The texture is a mix we call Dough Fizz -  a malleable cloud dough with the kind of snow that has a sandy feeling. It gives sizzles (perhaps your new superhero theme sound). 

8 Oz. 

Important note: This will be shipping from LA so if you order other products that are not from our LA shop, you will receive two different packages from us. 




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