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Summer Soda Float Slime

Summer Soda Float Slime

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Texture: Jelly Cube x Clay

Scent: Summer Soda

Size: 6oz

Level: Intermediate

This is what we imagined when coming up with this slime - you're pulling up a chair at the Sloomoo Cafe to order a Summer Soda Float, a magical ice blue jelly cube slime (nothing like squeezing those spongy cubes!) with a handful of fluffy whipped cream on top (that would be the white clay), a fresh cherry (ours is made of clay), and some bingsu beads to sprinkle on top (as if it's sugar). 

Assemble, add a straw for decoration, and then play. 

The stretchy, milky mix is so good, you may want two! 

Slime is for ages 3 and up.

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