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Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday is a social media term when you share a memory. This bundle includes slimes that we launched in the past and still relish in! Each one is scented like a fragrance that will remind you of something fun, we promise! 

Daisy Delight is a bright yellow butter slime that feels thick, stretchy, and creamy. It's perfect for adults, beginners and slime experts alike and it smells like freshly picked daisies. 8 Oz. 

Hazelnut Latte is a nod to our favorite coffee flavor. It's velvety and fun to play with. Plus, we love that it's chic and black! 8 Oz. 

Love is a slime that truly evokes happiness. This white thick and glossy slime is clicky and good for pops. The heart confetti adds charm. And the scent is called Love Spell, a fruity floral with a touch of musk. 4 Oz. 

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