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Sloomoo On Vacay

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How badly do you need to get away on a little vacay? We created this bundle to get you in the jet set escape mindset. It comes with a curated mix of three slimes. The first: TSA Approved, a tube of 1 ounce butter slimes, meant to mix and match because the scents and colors (always a surprise) blend well together AND it won't get confiscated if you happen to be going through security at the airport). 

The second: Golden Hour, a gorgeous cloud slime that evokes a serene tropical sunset; it is also topped with a handful of fruit themed charms to get you into the exotic trip mood. 8 Oz. 

The third: Slimefulness aromatherapy slime in sweet orange, a thick and glossy slime swirled with clay (so it makes a slay texture when mixed), boasting a sweet orange scent to lift your mood. 8 Oz. 

Happy travels!